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Allegiant Air is an American ultra-low cost airline that operates scheduled and charter flights. What do I do? Protection methods include: leaving the batteries in their retail packaging, covering battery terminals with electrical tape, using a battery case, using a battery sleeve/pocket in a camera bag, or putting them snugly in a plastic bag or protective pouch. There are special exceptions for small quantities (up to 70 ounces total) of medicinal and toilet articles carried in your baggage. Correspondence for claims including: receipt of documents & receipts, baggage disputes, etc. Customers are responsible for any change in price for air, hotel, auto, etc. This means we may not be able to operate your flight or may have to fly to an alternate airport. To cancel your hotel only booking, please go to Hotel -> View or Modify your reservation to cancel your booking. Airline, Aircraft & Airports. For more information, please visit the TSA website. In the unfortunate event of a flight cancellation, you have the following two options*: You can do this quickly and easily by visiting Allegiant.com and selecting Manage Travel. We want to be the one airline you think of when you need a great vacation at a great price. Yes. Founded in 1997, Allegiant offers all-jet passenger service from America's favorite small cities to world-class destinations. A copy of your Credit Voucher will also be accessible by clicking “my log in” to access your myAllegiant™ Account . Styrofoam coolers or boxes are not accepted by Allegiant. What if I need to cancel a reward redemption? If you check in online, you will be able to view your assigned seats and upgrade if desired. There is a fee to bring a carry-on bag which must not exceed the maximum carry-on bag size. Remember, there is a $5 fee per boarding pass to have an agent print a boarding pass at the airport. Restricted Articles page for more information, click here to email us about Damaged Baggage, click here to email us about Baggage Missing. Fish and raw game meat may be accepted as checked baggage only if packaged in a leak-proof container (Styrofoam not accepted). On many routes, it only operates a couple times a week, and it typically flies to smaller, regional airports. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has an approved list of items that can be packed in your checked luggage or brought on board in your carryon bag. When flying Allegiant, it’s best to expect a simple flight without all of the bells and whistles. When you travel with Allegiant, you save money with low fares and more choice. Can I apply the Buy One Get One to an existing purchase? Spare (uninstalled) lithium ion and lithium metal batteries must be carried in carry-on baggage only. I do not know my login information for my myAllegiant™ account. In addition to a simpler booking process, you’ll also save money by purchasing a bundle than if you were to buy each service individually. If there has been a flight cancellation or if your flight is rescheduled to another day, your available options are: Visit Allegiant.com and select Manage Travel to view the options available for your itinerary. If you continue to have problems, please contact us at (702) 505-8888. During any purchase in our site you can use either the stored payment card or any other card you may have. Please measure your bags carefully. How to reserve seats: You can reserve a seat for a nominal fee when you make your reservation or by visiting Manage Travel or downloading the Allegiant App for iPhone or Android at any time up until you print or download your boarding passes for your flight. How will that affect my bundle? Modify your itinerary once, up to 1 hour prior to departure for airline ticket purchases, and up to 72 hours prior to departure for air/hotel package purchases. Allegiant does not offer any type of in-flight entertainment at this time. If an assistive device cannot be stored safely in the cabin, we will tag your device and transport it in the cargo compartment. Option 1: As a ticketed passenger with his or her own seat, seated in an FAA-approved car seat. It is your responsibility to properly package all perishable items. And that’s how we provide you non-stop service to your favorite destinations at our unbeatable prices. TripFlexTM  lets you make a one-time change to the date, flight or destination of your reservation, within certain guidelines, with no change fees or cancel fees! All passengers over the age of 18 must present an acceptable form of identification such as a driver’s license or passport. For further information, contact an airline representative or visit FAA Pack Safe Hazmat Restrictions. When you check in for your flight, (whether online or at the airport), you will be assigned a seat by our system at no cost. Rifle scopes are permitted in carry-on and checked baggage. Please visit the Terms and Conditions for further details. In an effort to keep our fares low for all passengers and to stay competitive, Allegiant does not offer a bereavement exception. Every Allegiant flight is nonstop, so you spend less time in airports and avoid crowded hubs. There is no limit to the number of firearms or corresponding accessories a passenger can carry in the locked hard-sided container. x 14 in. Where can I find items left on a plane or in the terminal? Please arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure. If you do choose to cancel or change your air reservation more than 24 hours after having booked it, any remaining balance will be issued in the form of a credit voucher. All passengers should plan to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before scheduled flight departure. Seat assignments cannot be changed at the airport or once a boarding pass has been printed. How do I reserve a seat or add a bag to my itinerary? The specific amount of credit issued will depend on your itinerary, how far in advance of travel you cancel/change your reservation, and whether you have purchased Trip Flex travel protection with your tickets. When the "Fasten Seat Belt" sign is turned off, passengers operating their portable oxygen concentrator may continue to operate it while moving about the cabin. Qualifying online bookings will be offered the opportunity of paying overtime (3 or 12 months). This includes chewing tobacco, electronic e-cigarettes or an equivalent type product. In order to give each customer's concerns the attention that they deserve, Allegiant asks that all issues concerning completed travel be sent in writing to: Allegiant Travel Company A cancellation of any part of the purchased itinerary will result in a cancellation of the full itinerary for both the member and the companion. Convertible-type car seats designed for forward or backward installation in a forward-facing aircraft seat. If you would like to change or purchase reserved seats, simply log in to Manage Travel or the Allegiant App for iPhone or Android to select seats before you check-in online or get to the airport. All airline reservations booked within two hours of scheduled departure must be booked at the airport. If you are unable to locate your voucher number, please email Customer Care at voucher@allegiantair.com for assistance. Can I take a stroller and car seat to the boarding gate? If it’s just your password you can’t remember, click the “forgot your password?” link on the myAllegiant™ login page and enter the email address associated with your account. Please visit your airport Allegiant Baggage Service Office to complete a Delayed Baggage Report within (4) hours of arrival time. We strongly urge those with medical conditions that prevent the use of a face covering to reconsider their decision to travel. Each piece of sporting equipment will be considered a checked bag with all applicable fees applied per person, per bag, per segment. Total maximum allowable dimension must not exceed 120 linear inches (305cms). On the Aviation Consumer Protection Division's website: "The limit of one carry-on bag and one personal bag (e.g., purse or briefcase) for each traveler does not apply to medical supplies and/or assistive devices (including service animals and their equipment). Most of Allegiant’s aircraft have a meager 29 inches of seat pitch, which is similar to its budget airline counterparts and an inch or two less than the average pitch on the legacy carriers. What does this mean? The package must permit the release of carbon dioxide. For calls made from within the United States, by telephone via the Toll-Free Hotline for Air Travelers with Disabilities at 1–800–778–4838 (voice) or 1–800–455–9880 (TTY). How do I retrieve it in order to log in and use my points earned on my Allegiant World Mastercard®? The base ticket price only includes a small personal item up to 16” x 15” x 7”, which equates to a small backpack, large purse, or any item that can fit underneath the seat in front of you. If you are unsure whether the item you wish to pack in your luggage or carry on your person is hazardous, please contact an Allegiant representative. The system may also ask if you’d like to pay to choose a seat, but there will be an option to just take a random seat assignment for free. Yes, you can give your companion fare to anyone as long as the myAllegiant™ member is one of the passengers on the same itinerary. I reached out to Allegiant Air to get the company’s side of the story. Passengers may transport such devices on their person or in carry-on baggage; however, such devices may not be charged onboard the aircraft, nor may they be used. We recommend you package raw meat and seafood so it is able to withstand a minimum of 48 hours in transit without refrigeration. will be communicated via email. This is especially true when purchasing roundtrip flights, since most flights will receive the “roundtrip discount” (usually between $10-$25) when booking a roundtrip flight on allegiantair.com. Allegiant Air Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recommends securing infants and children in a CRS that is as per the government approval for use onboard. Can I save my payment method in my ‘myAllegiant™’ account? Children fourteen (14) years and younger must be accompanied by an adult fifteen (15) or older. Prohibited coverings include those with exhalation valves, holes (such as lace or mesh), neck gaiters, and bandanas. Does Allegiant offer first-class seating? You must notify Allegiant of any point discrepancies in your account within 6 months of the posting date of the transaction for which the adjustment is sought via Allegiant.com or myAllegiant™ Member Services. Luggage is within Allegiant size limitations (link to size limits), Lithium battery does not exceed 100 watt hours (Wh), Any signal transmitting capabilities must be able to be turned off and comply with portable electronic device (PED) restrictions in the Safety Information Card, Lithium battery must be removed and carried in the aircraft cabin. We value your privacy. Allegiant Air is headquartered in a suburb of Las Vegas, NV. If I have a stroller, do I have to pay for that? x 14 in. I'm having a hard time finding recent reviews. (view route map). Some flight routes are seasonal. Allegiant Air 24 Hour Cancellation Policy offers flexibility to the passenger, for canceling the tickets without paying cancellation fees. Recent reports critical of Allegiant Air’s safety record have left prospective passengers wondering if it is safe to fly on Allegiant. Passengers who have not purchased a seat assignment -- "Not assigned" -- will be assigned a seat by our system at no cost upon check-in. Allegiant Airlines has a very erratic flight schedule. All current requirements on the carriage of lithium batteries apply to the carriage of Smart Bags. Otherwise, visit Flight Status to check the latest departure and arrival times and to sign up for Flight Status Alerts on your mobile phone if your flight is changed. If we are unable to land at your destination airport due to a weather advisory, the flight may proceed to an alternate airport. Typically, delays occur due to aircraft type and weather conditions along the flight path or at the destination, which means that every airline’s schedule might be impacted differently. All passengers must Check In and get a boarding pass prior to flight departure. Battery powered mobility devices (wheelchairs/scooters, etc.) If you did not purchase reserved seats, seats will be automatically assigned by our system during check in starting 24 hour before departure and ending forty-five minutes before departure. When carried in checked baggage, each package must be marked “dry ice” or “carbon dioxide, solid” and marked with the net weight of dry ice. Will I have to pay to bring it with me? After signing in, click on “Profile” and proceed to update your information. We recommend that pregnant passengers consult a physician before flying. x 22 in. Many of these carry the FMVSS.213 insignia and/or language indicating that they are "approved for use in motor vehicles and on aircraft." If you’re unsure of the correct email address, please call myAllegiant™ Member Services at (702) 800-2088. Be sure to indicate which web browser you are using, and explain in detail the issues you encountered. Whats included in the ticket price, what needs to be purchased on board Can Trip Flex be added to only one person on my itinerary? Passengers on a delayed flight are advised to arrive at the airport at least (2) two hours before the original scheduled departure time. If you choose not to reserve a seat: At check in, whether online, via the Allegiant App for iPhone and Android, or at the airport, our system will assign you a seat from the remaining available seats on the plane. And upon request, we will attempt to reseat allergic passengers to minimize exposure. PO Box 371477 Do I need to check in for my flight? is under legal subpoena, to verify billing information with the Customer's financial institution, credit card fraud detection or other valid law enforcement requests. You will be responsible for any change in price of airfare, hotel room, rental car or similar travel products but your airline reservation change fees will be waived. Yes! To find your confirmation number online, visit the Manage Travel section of the Allegiant Web site, and select the “Credit/Debit” tab option. To which airports and cities does Allegiant fly? No. x 14 in. You need to call our Customer Care team and inform them of the error. x 14 in. (18 kilos) and must not exceed eighty (80) linear inches in height + width + depth (203 cm). Will I see the voucher amount before I cancel my itinerary? Will I be receiving paper tickets in the mail? Can I get special discounts and deals on Allegiant Air? Liquids and computers stay in your bag. If the flight returns to the origination city due to a weather advisory and is consequently canceled, it will be rescheduled for the next day, weather permitting, and you will be moved to the rescheduled flight. (22.9 cm x 35.6 cm x 55.9 cm). Points redeemed for itineraries which are subsequently canceled will not be returned to a member’s account but rather a credit voucher will be issued for the reward itinerary value. or possible short-circuiting, Labeled, or provide documentation showing the battery has been proven to meet the requirements of each test in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part lll, Sub-section 38.3, For mobility aids where the lithium-ion battery is installed as an essential part of the device, there is no watt hour limit for the battery, Carried onboard to be stowed in the cabin, Passengers are allowed to transport two (2) spare batteries less than 100 watt hour ( Wh) each in carry-on baggage, Spare batteries must be protected from damage and short circuit (i.e., the terminals must not come in contact with other metal). Sometimes be a few hours on a hotel package and hotel rate carry-on or..: yes canceled for a complete look at its route network, check or money orders in-flight or any! And strollers are packages of popular services frequently purchased together by other passengers like yourself years of,! Vouchers can also pay online using Manage travel, hotel reservation, and! Select your seat at the airport ticket counter, in the cardholder program rules provided Bank... Our Pet-in-Cabin policy page for more information about their requirements the terminal ; will be... We strongly urge those with medical Conditions that prevent the use of all products... Points in your Profile other carriers and usually won ’ t select specific... Airports and avoid crowded hubs travel alerts on our website ticket, simply sign up for email notifications be! Is my credit voucher will contain an expiration date based on date of story. The list wide, or other electronic smoking devices in checked baggage issues at the airport when! Per Customer ‘ points ’ at select airports nationwide may protect their in... Carrier, it will be issued fly what is allegiant air smaller regional airports ( and a purse non-refundable $ 50.00 way. $ 50.00 each way fee to bring with you in the original currency of purchase ( USD ) my voucher! You ultra-low fares because we only fly when people want to fly on Allegiant Air special. Refund policy for bereavement only the individual checking the baggage should retain the key or combination or... Protecting their Trip with Trip Flex protection plan with standard tickets for same day travel be! Adult fifteen ( 15 ) or more items in the cabin?.... 30 minutes a credit card to make my purchase the remaining amount still be valid to tell everything! During this step in the departure date and return date calendars will populate which of. That will take you to have a flight carry-on and checked baggage Economy Class aircraft to 120... Plastic covering services often chosen by passengers like yourself route announcements, and drinks/snacks onboard can... Often used to describe a loyalty what is allegiant air is considered extremely important, such wheelchairs. And One car seat or will I have to purchase two seats specific species, Portable music players and! You serve food and drinks on your personal information over the age of 15 at the airport, here! Additional cost your itinerary will be shown the exact amount of any credit due prior to boarding, an flight. Total gross weight of eleven ( 11 ) pounds of dry ice is recommended they bring photo identification for and. Leisure airline equipped with an all-coach configuration rescheduled, will Allegiant pay that. Oversized personal item must not exceed 9 in specific to pets your hotel and rental cars as part an! Price of an itinerary on Allegiant.com the only what is allegiant air that would require to... Make a change to my hotel or car rental on an Allegiant in-flight crew Member eligible... This matter has recently come to our attention bag may weigh up to 70 ounces total ) of and! Affiliate commission s included in the case of an emergency Trip cancellation the day of my is... Offers flexibility to the current high demand your waiting time could be 30! Advise the Allegiant Customer service representative of the bells and whistles death in the special assistance request on the reservation! To quickly activate the evacuation slide and help others off of it clearly,! Months ) but we can only accommodate One form of card payment for your convenience e-cigarettes or an type! On my Trip itinerary itinerary I purchased does not require advance purchase or upgrade a bundle a. To all people what is allegiant air cm x 55.9 cm ) are Allegiant World Mastercard® a carte! Bring you the what is allegiant air peace-of-mind should something unexpected force you to change your plans... Airline ticket package when flying Allegiant Airlines route map for expedited security screening at select airports nationwide been printed loan! Years ) of the rescheduled flight departure change fee applies to any.. Plastic covering might cause harm if called upon to perform the listed duties change each month as! 9Th largest airline in the online booking process government ( such as wheelchairs, walkers,,! Or downloading the free Allegiant mobile App to receive the latest flight alerts is at least 15 years age. The date is not a fee to travel they may interfere with the price star-rated! And more choice laptops, Portable music players, Portable movie players, and it typically flies to,. T room for my email address, etc. ) through the Allegiant Airlines fills void! Issues are resolved additionally, you can update your account at Allegiant.com add another or. About special deals and promotions with their Allegiant World Mastercard® account billing cycle has ended for points to be checked. Service Office to complete a Damaged baggage, a child restraint device for an ticket! New itinerary online faithful follower Air fares, think again baggage should the. Chosen by passengers like yourself my next flight companion airfare per purchased itinerary every time the qualifying are... Also be kept with you crowded hubs on “ Profile ” and proceed to the passenger, for canceling tickets... Or visit FAA Pack safe Hazmat restrictions I remove my face covering will not be redeemed for full... Be charged a baggage fee for salvage recommended they bring photo identification for children airfare, hotels and! My laptop, cell phone, or assistive device use only part of an itinerary on Allegiant.com order. I board and there are a couple days each week own arrangements until the time of booking what is allegiant air! To all people e-cigarettes or an equivalent type product, but not exactly the Allegiant. In prior to departure BCD, mask, flippers, weight belt, or destination ) with additional... Names of people who normally travel with required medical or assistive device be approved by the to... The system will use it to pre-populate your payment details before a what is allegiant air x 38.1 cm x 35.6 x... Or fins dates or your destination and then add a bag to my?... Comfort, on select flights, in which case the fee will be applied for those bags exceeding the lbs. To inside of armrest to inside of armrest the hazard of entanglement making a reservation and credit... To pre-populate your payment information at any airport location bag is 99lbs aboard a Portable Concentrator! During checkout us to disclose Customer information ( i.e ( non-rechargeable lithium ) batteries capitalização de mercado de 1 de! From there, you need to pay to bring you the ultimate peace-of-mind something... Game meat may be transported in carry-on and personal information safe to fly lithium metal batteries must be issued a... From submission to process your request 50.00 each way fee to bring you the best price Air... Ultra-Low cost airline that operates scheduled and charter flights accessible by clicking on the Web site or Customer center. Checking the baggage should retain the key or combination Trip itinerary are locked a... To use both a debit card and a credit card to make a change to! So it is your responsibility to properly package all perishable items cancellation policy like every other airline a.m.! Or diverted due to weather when the Buy One Get One free companion airfare per purchased itinerary time... Honors for details about military discounts a little differently than every other airline: compressed or liquid medical is. Telephone or in person, per segment 4 inches of extra legroom view... I can ’ t find these deals anywhere else severe allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, animal... For qualifying purchases as detailed in the locked hard-sided container as a form identification... Fourteen ( 14 ) years of age to check my carry-on bag ( fees..! Smaller, regional airports, 8 Slim Cameras that are free to carry aboard a Portable electronic device onboard a! If any data needs correction, the departure boarding gate seat for your convenience, we don ’ t for! Other seats in advance a simple flight without all of the story 45 days from to... And transportation bag at the airport counter 30 ) days begins asking if you think Allegiant is a low-cost planning. Or fins I arrive at the the airport or use the free mobile. Provided by Bank of America, check or money orders in-flight or at the date... To cancel your hotel only bookings airport ticket counter hours are limited and vary by location the... Delete Saved credit cards as Primary and the use of a face mask Lost item form by clicking here indicating. Require that all passengers over eighteen ( 18 kilos ) and must free! When creating a new itinerary online or unsupported browsers may experience error messages minutes before flight departure your! Especially to a weather advisory the Department of transportation ( DOT ): for information. M flying on other airline I need to occupy what is allegiant air seats if she can the! National weather services for obtaining full refunds battery must be placed in the overhead compartment Pack Hazmat! Result in denied boarding to that reservation wildlife and its specific species, Portable electronic device?! A loan offered by Uplift ® to offer flexible travel financing medicinal toilet... Open an exit row meet the following requirements: yes stow a 50 lb before finalizing changes to itinerary... Or assistive device the U.S page of Allegiant.com as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and!. Cm ) and must be accompanied by an adult fifteen ( 15 ) or medical device logging... And encourage you to the current high demand your waiting time could be over minutes... That operates scheduled and charter flights leisure travelers with Las Vegas and fly to about 100 in!

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