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call and hit the employer option when they answer tell them a tier 1 transferred u over . (I have just started receiving Unemployment now in August 2020). 01-06-2021, 11:46 AM PA_NJ : 24 posts, read 7,100 times Reputation: 20. They are supposed to be PUBLIC SERVANTS, not multi- millionaires, not ROYALTY!! I’m on PUEC, and my account magically got unfrozen a couple weeks ago. However as expected and per the earlier update below, he is lowering the FPUC amount to a maximum of $400 p/week. This is devastating news for the millions of unemployed Americans impacted by COVID related job losses. Helping others out is something I love to do. I’m not sitting at home doing nothing nd getting rich like the govt thinks I’ve been looking for work but with covid19 spikes I’m in MN and they are telling Minnesotans to prepare for a surge of covid19 cases. the homeless numbers will grow, lots of businesses will fall and close. Because besides the FPUC “extra help” I would only be making $267 as a maximum benefit amount weekly… I’m not sure who can live off that.. let me rephrase that, “survive” off that.. as I am still unable to work. Hello, my unemployment benefits are over they just paid me the last week. Amen x’s a million. What about the people on SS and others who are not eligible for unemployment? Continues the federally funded FED-ED through March 14, 2021, providing up to 20 weeks of benefits. Did I or PUA do something incorrect..? Government announced a 30-day intensification on the national lockdown to level four, including an extension of the existing curfew to 6am to 6pm, as part of … I have people saying “why should I go back to work”? I hope the benefits are extended to people like me that are not likely to find a job. Payments will be retroactive to September 12th, the week after LWA benefits expired. As such a Senate proposal by the Democrats called The American Workforce Rescue Act (AWRA), may provide a party line compromise that the president could get behind, particularly as the presidential election is only a few months away. I would like to train a young lady to help do taxes but can’t afford to send her to Block and make up the $600. Yes I am getting $758 a weak in unemployment but it took me 11-12 weeks that I had to simply go without any money coming in. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I Personally know people getting this extra money that do not deserve it. Lastly, if there is no work, employees cannot “just go back to work” whether they want to or not. I lost my income because rent was not paid. As a CPA working out of my home am considered an essential worker and have worked non-stop since before WUFLU. Gov. House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, on the other hand have reiterated the importance of the $600 weekly payment for the millions of unemployed by passing putting a new Stimulus bill in the House, called the HEROES act, which includes an extension of the $600 per week extra unemployment payment (FPUC) through to January 2021 as the current FPUC provisions approved in March are set to expire at the end of July. How am I suppose to live. Im in the hospitality industry and my Resort rated one of the top 100 resorts in the world will take 3 to 4 years to get back to what it was before the3 Pandemic hit… Please extend the benefits until the end of the year or longer. If employers have nothing for additional employees to do, they will not create jobs for folks to sit around, just because they don’t have to pay a fraction of the salary in payroll taxes. If only we had politicians who were actual LEADERS and not overpaid millionaires yelling at one another on capitol hill, maybe we would have an effective government! He filed for regular unemployment and was denied because they say he would have had to make 269 a week and he only made 240. My son worked for years at a pizza place but had 2 heartattacks from stress over possibly getting the virus. I am more fortunate. ​Why is everything they are saying has nothing to do with what got is in this situation a natural disaster a coronavirus outbreak that affected the entire country and shut down businesses, a virus from another country that is out of our hands and the common working man had nothing to do with? Contact: Loree Levy Date: Jan. 8, 2021 Aubrey Henry 916-654-9029 News Release No. It’s uncalled for. The is made up of $300 in federal funding and $100 of state funding. I’m over all of it and drained and tired of crying!! I am praying that the extension will be approved. Very confusing with no guidance, not sure if I should wait it out or reapply. For additional unemployment resources and state based information see the UI resource page. They are going to bring all of us back but when is the question. What about us paying rent without jobs waiting to take the NYC exams that been delayed and pushed forward to 2021. I agree, those that are given the opportunity to go back to work but don’t should be cut off, but why put another one in the grave because of one that is giving the chance to work again? Before the pandemic if my husband was laid off and got unemployment in between jobs, they checked everything. The better idea is to open the economy and stop the over blown scare tactics. don’t talk negative about those that are depending on these funds. All I know is for sure is I am putting my trust in nothing, but hope for whatever people need will be provided rather through the government, family and friends or just start a business and dream big! If not called back to work on or before July 31, 2020, the benefits should be extended until December 31, 2020. Everyone is struggling in these times. Maybe if others would try it and feel their inner feeling swell up inside, like filling a deep dark hole and then it’s like breath of fresh clean air. Instead there is a more reliable workflow. New payments under the $300 FPUC and $600 stimulus will now only start (assuming the COVID relief bill does pass) in 2021 with people having to rely on retroactive back payments for their benefits. What a stupid person who does not understand investments. Some families don’t have daycare and can’t return to work. I SHOULD KEEP GETTING 600 A WEEK BECAUSE IS CLOSE TO WHAT I MADE. The extra benefit will have a major impact on my survival for the next weeks to come. They work with people that just say they can’t stand working with the mask and they get time off and paid for it. 8 Lifestyle Tips for a Healthy Brain | University of Maryland Extension Brain health is the ability to remember, learn, concentrate and have a clear, active mind. But continue it. My husband is a 72 year old logger having survived a three way bypass three years ago. So please extend the benefits. I have a home, family and have only used UI once when I was layed off for 3 weeks. But anyway, my PUA has been “pending” for four weeks, while being told “you’re all set- no actions need to be taken.. just wait” – so I’m learning how to survive ….with prayer. employer option is tier 2 and explain ur problem. I had to pull teeth practically to FINALLY get the FPUA going. I have a balance of 0 and shows as ineligible for Regular UI, dont have any links to click or anything else, just stuck. I know how to post messages I just don’t know how to check them in my email..can someone answer my question? Once PEUC ends on December 26, EDD will file FED-ED extensions … Your email address will not be published. I apply for unemployment and I was told on a phone interview from the Unemployment that I was not getting any unemployment because i needed to go out and look for a Job ,they did carer that the corona virus crisis .My Dr suggested to apply for dissability from the State of CA and i was approved but then i dont get the extra $600 boost from the federal goverment WHY???? I make excellent $ and due to health concerns with my back and legs, taking a new job isn’t fair and is out of the question. Being that I still have a balance, do I have to reapply or am I automatically been extended to March 13/14? More posts from the Unemployment community. The rich. I have worked since I was 14 years old, putting myself through college, and I had the same job for 38 years and loved it. At this point though, I don't know what I'm suppose to do, or if I'm doing it all right. Why? Join Carol Bralich, Triple P Educator, Human Development & Relationships Educator, Extension Washington County Wednesday evenings Plus I had my daughter home w me!!! PEOPLE WHO MADE CRAP SHOULD GET LOWER WAGE, HOWEVER PEOPL WHO MADE GOOD MONEY AND GOT THE 600 AND NOW ITS CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I check my UI online daily and read the latest news they have and lookout for emails/text or inbox messages. January 10, 2021 05:00 AM, ... people who worked for employers that paid into the system — or the extra weeks added to those benefits under the FED-ED extension … he had money b4 he got there and will have lots more when he gets the boot! They can help you majority of the time unless they are rude they will transfer you to the right department They will ask for your name social and address than ask how they can help . I’m even on the verge of being homeless I sure could use the retroactive $300 benefits! The bottom line, people are afraid to go back to work due to no ongoing testing!!!!! My father in law , who is 92 years old , only gets a little over $900 a month from SS. However the Labor Department has said the $300 a week in federal unemployment benefits could reach claimants by the end of August, assuming states can update their systems to accomodate the new payment structure. and all this because he has his panties in a bunch over the election. My wife and I live with 1 financial rule…Our bills will not exceed what the lowest earner in our home makes…When I was single I didn’t live beyond Max unemployment bring home…I don’t accept any veteran benefits i’m entitled to as I know there are veterans that need it more than I…Wake up people…Just because a bank says they will give you the money doesn’t mean you have to accept it…This is not directed at you Jon it just happened to be where I clicked reply..>Everyone’s situation is different but I know way too many people squandering the extra $600 so it is giving the responsible people a bad name. I think this a bunch of crap. Unemployment is designed to survive NOT thrive. 18-19 JUNE 2019 / Tour & Taxis / Brussels. Politicians need to work on age discrimination next. So now, I'm not sure which is correct, or which is wrong; was I suppose to wait, or was I suppose to reopen my claim? I’m in the same boat! some of us are not lazy and some of us got paid more while working and getting paid every week then every two week so please think about what u say . Landlords have mortgages that must be paid or lose the property and the renters would be thrown out. it ain’t right man open your eyes and see what your doing to your country to your people. People on SSI or SS are receiving what they were before the pandemic so at they have a steady income that they are used to living with. Stop feeling bad for landlords. Passive income. Now that I succeeded in certifying, my benefits should restart again in a week or two, and I can potentially start certifying again, at least for another 13 weeks. I’ve directed other people to your website and YouTube videos. Giving people more money a week than they would make if they went to work is a terrible idea. I just lost my job after 22 yrs because of the virus and I want to get back to work so bad I can taste it. I have applied for 115 jobs and have had nine interviews. A week passed, and the message in the UI page stating "your request to reopen a claim has been received" disappeared. My question is, do I not get my regular benefit on top of that added to that amount, or should I expect that at a different time even though its showing the amount that will be deposited is $765? For the week ending January 2, 2021, PEUC total weeks claimed was 1,299,995. You are a complete idiot. Your old claim may be canceled that's why no update on extension. In PA, it is clear on your bi-weekly app for benefits that if you are offered employment and refuse, then you WILL NOT get your benefits. People should not make more than they did working period. Personally I have a lot of pride, and hate utilizing Government assistance, but at this point pride is last of my concern. Idk what to do. I’m blessed to still have a job. So a family of 5 that used to spend maybe $100 on energy now spends $300, $200 per week on groceries now spends $500 (cause all you do is eat where there’s nothing to do), all of the overtime hours or extra shifts some Americans would pick up to make extra money too make ends meet IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. So if there is abuse in terms of individuals remaining unemployed by choice, it is on the head of business, not workers or the agency. I only draw 85.00 a week. I was able to claim the remaining balance I had left of the extension money before the 27th of December and that was 3 weeks worth and I got the 300 x3 for each week. I’m blessed to still have a job. I will update this article as new information comes to hand. I just want to say that you’re out of line an just a rude individual. I haven’t worked since 2018 because if several back surgeries not because of the pandemic. He has worked since he was 13 until he was 68 in low paying jobs. My heart goes out to everyone struggling and worrying about the end of July. Thank you! On the hand, many workers have jobs, some form or another, to return but are refusing because of the enhanced unemployment benefits. A guy on here commenting he makes 104k on average annually pre tax’s. I never had my card frozen and or had any fraud issues. They are receiving unemployment regardless. The majority of people will use the stimulus to try and keep life as normal as possible. A further funding round of COVID-19 relief for local businesses in the form of the Paycheck Protection … Until such time as the unemployment rate by state is back to where it was pre-pandemic then the Feds should pay the Unemployment bendfit. There is however some hope that the current Congress can at least pass a bridging or interim stimulus package as part of the annual government funding bill, which would provide temporary relief until the new Congress and President are sworn in next month and pass a larger stimulus package. And don’t forget there is a positive economic impact when you can pay your bills on time and buy food, etc. Extend UI and FPUC for people like me will be able to survive. Hi there. Part-time workers have bills as well. What’s going to happen to people like me? I tried choosing the number 2 option aka the Employee line; however, it was also flooded with calls, and they told me to call back later. No he can not make ends meet on that. What about the people who have been furloughed and need that extra $600/week? I think you meant drafty brain not crafty brain. On July 8, the EDD will complete its phased rollout of the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) extension, providing up to 13 weeks of additional unemployment insurance (UI) benefits to people who’ve run out of their traditional UI benefits. Congress and the republicans will never know how it is to be considered as lower class or what it is like to struggle to your head afloat for your children sake, I am in the same situation. Something needs to be done with an extension of some sort. Well said. However the roll-out of these new provisions and payment to recipients has been less than stellar to say the least, mainly because of decades of under-investment in the administrative capacity of state UI agencies and systems (many still using mainframes or home grown software) has left them incapable of flexibly in adjusting to the new provisions and determining the eligibility of newly covered worker groups. The total number of unemployment claims that are stuck in the EDD backlog was 777,760 for the week that ended on Dec. 30, a dashboard posted on the EDD… [December 2020 update] Congress is back in session after a tough election cycle and there is still a wide chasm between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to agreeing on a new Coronavirus / COVID stimulus package, which would include enhanced unemployment benefit extensions to programs that expand UI coverage (PUA and PEUC) and provide additional supplementary payments like the $300 LWA and $600 FPUC programs. Please have a heart. Hey Jose. This hit and I was not and still really can’t work even today due to this virus. I so agree. An extra to pay for school clothes, an extra shift to cover school supplies… GONE. He is the worth President we have ever had. LETS GO GET A PLAN AND HELP THE PROBLEM PLEASE. The government should just print out more money more checks make everyone rich economy would be great , a lot less crime , after all its only money a debt that is never going to be paid hell get Americans out of this mess it all makes sense, I don’t know why they are so stuck on this extension Benifits they just love having the power over us , it’s our money that they don’t want to give , and everyone is so right when they say as long as the government is happy and on vacation they dont care , the Americans Should be taking care of but no they want to see people lose their home and hungry on the street or else no one would be begging for our money it’s always been the rich get richer and the poor get poorer thanks to them, I do know it’s a sick world we live in this land of the free , so sad Congress all they got to say is nothing you might see 200.0 sometime in September maybe October because we care , well blank blank to everyone of them , give the people the money and stop squeezing your blanks , what do you want the government created this huge crisis now get us out of it. The content of this site is for informational purposes only. it makes me feel better hearing that someone else’s balance hit 0, as did mine. Because of the virus, food and a lot of other thing have gone way up do to the shortage with factory shut down. We will now be affected because we will have to help them financially. Newsom Unveils $227 Billion State Budget Proposal with EDD Fraud Unaddressed. Replay to Robert : People’s minimum wage/ monthly earnings should be what they are provided 4 X $600 per month during corona. I only make $95 a week before the $400. We sell mostly International tickets and the world has stopped flying Internationally specially to the hard hit places therefore my point is we do not control our situations. Or will federal extension include a second extension? Who is going to hire me??? How do I know if someone replies to my message? If states had a better system determining those who are truly unemployed and those who choose to be unemployed, then it would eliminate the problem of work refusal. Against my better judgement, I decided to do it again, since, I did want to change it anyway, since I made mistakes on the last claim request. Us in the Entertainment industry can not go back to work .Anyone who deals with a large crowds and lots of people are out of work until a vaccine or something like it is found..We need this $600 PUA … we need it extended. OK here’s what troubles me. Subscribe now to get the latest updates, exclusive content and related articles delivered directly to you. I agree that the money received should be linked to loss of employment income, even if it is partially lost income. Now this has put me in a situation that I will have a hard time recovering. They don’t have to pay the UC benefits for those individuals if it is COVID related so I guess it was a smart move on their behalf. [Pre-election update] Unfortunately hope for another stimulus package, that would have included additional unemployment benefits, is quickly dimming as the Senate (led by Republican Mitch McConnell) has now recessed until after the election following the confirmation of Supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett. IM COLLEGE EDUCATED AND CANT FIND CRAP OVER 15,00 HOUR. So does this make it OUR fault?! Times are tougher than a person my age has ever endured. Which questions because it says we dont need to do anything, Did the feds help some states out by extending $300 unemployment benefits till December if so was Louisiana one of them. So everyone loses their pride and integrity once their given help…. Iam too, only 76 a week. Skip to main content. This is due to not having transportation costs, meals at work, and childcare costs since they are working remotely. If the man I know gets a extension after July 31st 2020 I’m going be convinced that the government not looking out for the families that need help they supporting drug addicts instead, I feel they should extend the $600 because they are not looking at the overall big picture and I believe there are some things they are not telling us. [Update – August 6th] At this stage the $600 extra weekly payment has expired and Lawmakers have yet to reach an agreement around an extension. My SS is little since I stayed home for 22+ years to raise my now successful adult children. If you only knew the stress this mess has caused me! Users can link surface objects created directly from Civil 3D and BIM 360. I’m an asthmatic as well so I first of all didn’t want to bring anything home to her and I couldn’t be at my job because I’m a cashier at my local grocery store. Windows can go online to look it up automatically, or you can manually select one from a list … If anyone could give me some answers or advice, I would be glad to hear it. Guess we just wait and see if we get put back in PUA apparently since nobody knows anything. (I live in a building BTW in the not good part of town lol…no yard no parking) wah wah rant over. Do states have the option to Extend regular benefits if the federal doesnt pass? This is only temporary and those receiving help know when it will end so they can plan ahead. You still not listening to the real people that hard for their money now laid off and you want to take the only thing that is helping them out is the 600 that help keep food in their children mouth and a roof over their heads you say you are fair what if GOD had not been fair to let HIS SON die on the cross for us all even those that criticize HIM did you pray about what you doing because if you did you would not be doing this and to be so non caring about the people that you may need a vote from. Common sense has prevailed and President Trump has now signed the $900 billion COVID relief stimulus bill into law, despite his reservations and following widespread condemnation against his last minute complaints. what he giveth, he will taketh away! While this scenario does not hit everyone, those in the food service industry and the like are really suffering. The poor people really ! Don’t forget to include loss of health insurance coverage. Press J to jump to the feed. to me gov $600 must be extension for them.everyone does not see more and more homeless,brokend my heart…. I had savings, but it took so long for the extra 600 weekly my savings has been depleted, lost my health insurance, and I love what I do and would much rather be working than setting home. NO! See our. 2 days after I answered those questions I received a lump some of about $1500. So yes this will help everyone not just the poor people because im not poor . I’ve worked hard to make it to the pay grade I am. They gave out more millions to wealthy celebrities, business CEOs than a 600 dollar bonus check for unemployed people combined. There would be money for the people that have worked their whole lives and lost their jobs to this pandemic. More federally extended benefits rolling out in California . People that have worked deserve it. I live in Massachusetts bust my ass working 40 hours as a CNA/M.A making $13/ hour. I find it extremely disturbing that those who are employed think that those of us who are not, are just deadbeats trying to scam the system, or that “moving the economy” means throwing us under the bus. I see lots of comments from working people who have, through no fault of theirs, lost their income and are struggling. Did you have qualifying work in 2020? Hello there, I’m from Illinois I always get my unemployment deposited on Tuesday nights. They are proposing to extend the current weekly FPUC unemployment benefit to the end of the year, but doing so in two phases as follows: The above counter proposal is in response to the Democrats HEROES act (details below, and passed in the House back in June) which proposed a straight extension of the $600 payment to the end of the year. [August 2020 Update] With Congress unable to reach an agreement on a new stimulus bill and no impending legal challenges it looks like Trumps executive order (detailed below) to replace the extra weekly unemployment benefit (FPUC, or $600 weekly payment) will actually be implemented following FEMA guidance on the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program. I can’t go to work because of lupus and RA. You should apply. We draw less than 100.00. Yes we help him but what about the ones out there with out family to help them. Organised by the European Commission, the forum brings the development community together to share ideas and experiences in ways that inspire innovative solutions and new partnerships for the world’s most pressing challenges. I have 8 weeks left and even if federal is not extended can the state of New Jersey extend regular benefits? EDD is on track to remove the Social Security Numbers of the top three forms by August of 2021. I know a few individuals whom took up jobs from Amazon and such, with the notion of being able to maintain work, only to be ‘laid off’ as these businesses ‘call back’ their staff. Trust and believe I would much rather be working, as well. I do now see what my parents and grandparents went through during the 1930’s. I am a viable American citizen. Especially if u have to go to work to help your spouse u still don’t got money for child care . The gov chose to not let me go back to work cause my company is in a mall and 300 after tax a wee is not even my electric bill as working middle class we get screwed so it’s nice rich people on capital hill feel it’s not worth us getting it I want to wrk but can’t according to gov. Lastly my wife has not stopped working since this f***ing pandemic and she has also worked for over 30 years (we deserve this extension)! The only thing that will help resolve this pandemic is a viable and effective vaccine.

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