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That’s all, and that is not anywhere near “extensive travel history”. There are no tricks in applying for a fiance visa. Probably in December. I answered all her questions. Hi! 8. Now I’m 27yrs old and I have a stable job. IS THERE ANYTHING I NEED TO DO PLS ADVICE ME Which company visits my office the most? After all, you are applying for a US TOURIST visa so your answer should be as simple as that. Having an interview? This 8,640 pesos can be your flight to other beautiful asian countries. No need plan working there it would be hardfor my age working there. I believe in the Law of Attraction. Hirap rin kasi mag bigay ng address tapos baka di mag match sa pag verify nila edi mas lalong lagot. Whats our chances? Hi i need more info about applying a US tourist visa? Our learning system helps your children learn at their own pace. It’s all just business for them. i want to go canada Hi kach,this is my first time to get an online application as tourist visa in the US.wish me luck for the incoming interview. Hello there, I don’t know where to start my tears over flowing. Hi isa po akong domestic helper dito sa Singapore and yung uncle ko sa california asked me to apply a us tourist visa. My question is, what are chances of my visa being approved coz it will be my first time travelling outside my country?? What if I don’t have enough money yet on my bank account, will i get denied? Priority: Regular This is very helpful!!! Then she told me ” unfortunately your visa is not approve. Is it okay you haven’t met before? we have same experienced, missed all business trips cuz of denied visa. If you have businesses that you currently take care of, explain it. 7. Hi! My children are unable to cope with the pace of topics being taught in class. Hearing ‘denied’ stories from your friends and relatives may add to your worries too. He is powerless and helpless. Email for appointment. 18. She got no property under her name. And how is the possibilities of me getting the visa, I have an American boyfriend,we met online,he ask me to come visit him in the USA and he sent me a letter of invitation and his Own company ID card,I was denied one and reapply again.please what can I do to get my visa approved,I have 3 property on lease which was given to me by my late dad because am the only child…so I really don’t know why my visa was denied,maybe the reason was I said he is my boyfriend and I met him online…please what should I say instead of that. Hey! Now he wants me to visit (tourist visa) his place and meet his parents. Will it be grounds for denying the visa app? 10. Am I making the most of my receptionist’s capabilities? I delivered my child in the states last 2014… I have a good insurance that’s why it was convenient to give birth there. Do you collect data about who visits your office? For me, I cannot take it when I have to be scrutinized. Return back to UAE and apply again, maybe they’ll give you the 10 year next time! Looking forward for your more blogs soon.. Been a fun for a couple of months now.. By the way.. What are the easiest way to get a fiancée visa and how? I will advise you to do it yourself though, instead of hiring a lawyer to do it on your behalf. Have you already booked your plane tickets? Me and my Mom got rejected for B1/B2 USA visa,i want to know if we want to reapply should we still apply together or separately?thanks. Hi Miss Kach, I’m so glad reading your tips and suggestions. Otherwise, you might get deported and will never see US soil once again. What additional tasks can my front office team handle that they currently don’t do? Kach, Just be honest because lying will get you nowhere. But so far, I was the first one to be rejected in our team. They are 42 and 43 of age. All contributors are instructed to follow internationally recognised copyright and intellectual property guidelines. Hello Glend, yes of course! These consuls are trained to know if you are lying, so always have the best intentions if you are going to the USA. Their rate is even a joke, $1-P55.. THANK YOU SO MUCH, GOD BLESS YOU. wat are the requirements and tips about getting approved ? Hi miss kach, I have a boyfriend from US, he visited me here in Philippines last April. How many visitors do I get, on average, each week? Which company visits my office the most? Have bussiness and How much my money… I Show UP. Thank you so much for this! One of them has an established work here . If you haven’t been to the US, don’t lie. We're a Filipina & British couple on around the world journey. how you will know if they gonna give you a 10 year multiple entry visa or a single entry visa?thank you. apply 1-2 months before your planned schedule. I would like to apply an EMPLOYMENT VISA to USA what is the requirements. thank you! Thank you ..very informative and clear information.. Hey, What should I answer if asked whether this is my first time applying for us non immigrant visa, if I had participated in the green card lottery. lol). Here are 10 important questions you should try to answer. First-Time Church Visitors’ Top 10 Questions. He is 22 and we have a 5 year age gap. I actually wrote an article here –>, Hi what type of visa if I’m accompanying my employer to US as a domestic helper and what are the questions to be ask in interviewing me getting visa? Let me know if you need further help with this and I would be more than willing to help you. My employer had given me an opportunity to train in the US. Any thoughts or tips on how I’ll overcome my anxiety? Thanks for the info., Hi miss katch thank you for helpful information. Then he asked where are they and I just said Hawaii. If visitors can be pre-registered via secure mobile or web portals prior to their on-site arrival, valuable time can be saved when finalising their check-in process. That said, I have no itinerary going to the US, I just put some random hostel in my DS160 form and thought of a generic tourist place to go when asked in the interview. If you are interested to read the first 25 MCQs, then click here. Please am caleb from Ghana and my mom and dad will be going to an interview on 15th August 2019 but their own the staying visa please can you help us with some of the questions because this is their second interview at the America embassy they were refuse on he first interview thanks and wish to hear from you. If everything but you have been traveled before can deny you? I have a query.. Answers is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. – the eldest is a nurse and the youngest is civil engineer And the immigration said that she only need a transit visa only that then she can fly. It’s possible you stand a high chance of getting the visa if you answer the interview questions appropriately and with less pressure. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. (Via delivery). Kindly enlighten us please. Similar to the above, know their names and also the basic information but if they’re not really significant to you then just say so. And he bring the papers going back to USA.after 2 weeks of stay.and now he started apply visit visa for me so that i can go there.what could be the possible documents could i bring if i will report for interview in the embassy? i already has an appointment on next month of this year. My sister just recently apply to her tourist visa to see my mother( that nobody know when she will be waking up).we had all the document from the hospital medical record to the Doctor’s letter. © Two Monkeys Travel Group 2021 Web Design & Development by Eldo™. We fell in love and she would like to come visit me and my family (Tourist Visa) before we decide to get married. (For visiting Relatives/ Friends) Where are they working and what will you do during the office hours? If you wanted to meet your American boyfriend who you met online and never met in person, I highly suggest you ask him to visit you in the Philippines first! Or is it just his Letter of Invitation and Company ID that he sent you? The “Question Game” gets us thinking about questions for their own sake — not questions in search of answers. I am currently unemployed but I have a bank account will that be enough proof for the embassy that I will go back to my homeland? I m guessing my answer to this question rejected my visa .. I am an American. My profession is also quite in-demand in the West so it’s another red flag. im just curious .. my interview is in the next 30days. I only have distant relatives in the US na di ko rin close. I have another interview Next week and worried if will reject again. And we got married in simply way Hi kach,my boyfriend wanted me to visit him but i dont have any job here in the philippines even bank accounts..but he can afford all of my expenses when im there in the US and also my plane there a chance that my visitor visa will approved?im very hoping your for your reply.. HELLO HOPE YOU HELP ME TO ANSWER A FEW QUESTION IN MY MIND IM PLANNING TO FLIGHT WITH MY AMERICAN HUSBAND AND MY CHILD TO AMERICA JUST TO VISIT NOT TO MIGRATE ALREADY CAUSE STILL PLANNING TO STUDY AS A NURSE HERE IN PHIL. That explains why I am not going to the USA, and instead, go to countries where I do not have to go through the process of proving I am worthy of being their visitor. Yes as long as you can answer the consul interview prepared and with supporting documents from your Husband! You will look nervous, your voice will crack, and the consul might feel that you are hiding something. And we have our alumni homecoming to be held in San Francisco, California on oct. 3 to 7, 2019. God bless. Answer: Two Monkeys Travel Group takes its own responsibilities very seriously, so if you feel that any part of this work is abusive in any way, please send us an email so that we can investigate - [email protected]. I want to know how I will process my papers. Holding a meeting? Helen says ” a couple months. However, I am getting anxious on the part where the Consul may ask if I have any plans in working in the US. Thanks, how do i apply for a usa visa can you help me with there website as to apply thanks, Hello Calvin you should read this one: We don’t know what to do now. Be prepared and bring these documents on your interview, most of the time the Consul won’t ask you to show the proof! God Bless. However, what I wanna say is sightseeings, including museums, have the right to sell things to visitors. The Midnight Visitor Extra Questions and Answers Long Answer Type. Just wanted to know because i will be having interview again on may 3..thank you! I was being honest, telling him I still have a balance because I thought my insuRance had paid all. Can Visitors be Pre-Registered? As I have said, get as much information because the consul would like to know if you are just making up stories. These are some values and skills that save us from danger. So, just THANK YOU! 20. A visitor management system can help you answer all of these questions and more. Over time, you can pair this data with sales and marketing initiatives to see what efforts are most effective at bringing customers through your door. What Are You Selling? It wouldn’t hurt to do research on the places you plan to visit before you go to your interview. I need help regarding my sister denial. Be honest because they will know if you haven’t. Comment here and will see if I can answer your questions! -How many days did you wait for the interview? Are they strong prospects that result in a close? We have provided all the Class 4 English NCERT Solutions with a detailed explanation i.e., we have solved all the questions with step by step solutions in understandable language. The consul didn’t raise it though, and at the middle of the interview, the consul went somewhere with my documents in his hand and at this point i knew i fucked up. Please see our full disclaimer page for more information. Aslam Shahzad from Pakistan. I was told being young and a female were a few of the red flags they’d seen in me. Answer: Martin Luther King, Jr. was the second child and first son to the Reverend Martin Luther King and Alberta Williams King. its always been asked since your staying in UAE much more than in the philippines. Purpose in going US To be honest, I was prepared to waste the application fee as i have a hunch that i will be rejected (sorry I’m pessimistic. I actually have no long plan of going to the US, I just applied spontaneously because i got frustrated that we are even required a Transit Visa to the US when I was planning to go to South American visa-free countries. Just to make sure you will also bring all the supporting documents you brought at the Embassy.. they don’t usually ask for it but most of the time they’ll ask your itinerary and return flight/ onward flight ticket. – visit my daughters I’m here sitting next to my mother who fighting for her life, we been here in the ICU for 15 days, she have intracerebral hemorrhage. She had all sorts of documents to give him that would help prove she was returning to the Philippines, but he just asked 2 questions and handed her a denial. hi can you help me i was just confused if what im going to answer with this questions. Stop attracting the negative vibes and start thinking that you have been approved already – even if your appointment is days or weeks from now. =). Broader social media campaigns? Mwah mwah! Can I send you a personal msg on email? The plan is to drive to New York for 4 or 5 days and be back to Canada. – california A blessed day Ms. Kach,I want to visit my weak uncle, last week only he rushed to the hospital for emergency happened in their house. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. A. Hope you have time to talk with me. Her application was PERFECT, she was relaxed, happy, and more than prepared to answer any question. Goodluck!! what if the person is a student and has no income or bank account? How many visitors sign out before leaving? Her application was PERFECT, she was relaxed, happy, and more than prepared to answer any question. If I send her a wedding invitation for my brother’s wedding this summer might that help? Hi Questions and Answers for VISIT Visa to USA at US Embassy Islamabad Pakistan. Badges identify visitors at a glance, so everyone in the building can be aware of who’s there. though I know so many things like were his staying If you can bring a form or letter during your interview stating your leave credits, that can help as well. It’s just a visit. Try to get their exact addresses before the interview. is just as important as greeting them when they come in. Should i combine them or not? Hire Kach Howe to coach you with Visa applications! Like.. Thank you. You don’t have time to waste a second. Requirements and some possible questions. We applied in US consulate in Dubai last June 5,2018. Thanks in Advance . Anne of Green Gables was an immediate success. Among all of the visitors to this page, there are two categories: Random Clicker (RC) and Truthful Clicker (TC). Question 1. It’s just that I got curious and decided to read the questions. Answer: The visitor had scarified his ten years income so as to free birds. Today, TDS bring you 10 questions to ask about your visitor management solution. Good day, Admin, I need your help iam about to book my appointment for B1/B2 visa, iam a family man I have my wife and my children’s. Your email address will not be published. I have the same situation right now. beside i am oldmaybe they willnot think that i will work in USAandi haveno intention of working there.afteralli am 54 now. I HAVE APPLIED VISA WITH MY WIFE AND I HAVE A INTERVIEW DATE 17-09-2019 . Now i have applied again and i put all the information about my father but i did not put his 2 children on the application, because i have never met them and i have not contact with them. It will be my first time to travel out of the country, can I ask on how to increase my chances to get my tourist visa approved because I’m still students I don’t have an income yet but my boyfriend will be sending me enough money to cover my trip. Do you collect data about who visits your office? husband is a seafarer. If you have other reasons such as having enough savings recently for the trip, then tell the truth. Im jasmen and my boyfriend was planing to get me to bermuda hamilton. His asking to the bermudian immigration on how to get a filipina fgf to his country. Share this entry. 2. Be the first to ask a question about Tinnku at Duliatal Lists with This Book. Sales reps who see the most traffic may have secrets to share–depending on how their visitors then interact with your company. Visitor Guard® Answers Top Visitor Questions Around Coronavirus Coverage. For example, are they making a delivery? Hi Ms. Kach, i admire how confident you are, I have my sked interview this coming Oct 24 and i feel nervous maybe its because im not fluent in English, do you think it maybe a reason to be denied, anyway im thinking it positively and hoping for a US VISA, I need more info. It seems as though she will be denied again if we try a second time. That’s the perfect formula for a denied visa. Hello Jeffrey, I think I also received your email? What will my chances of getting approved? Remember, if you get an approved USA visa, you’ll surely get a 10-year multiple entry visit visa! Emergency situations catch everyone by surprise. Good luck. Its very helpful and thanks for your help. Rent-A-Flight Ticket! 3. What is the difference between some one funding the trip and the contact person? Does our age gap will affect the the approval of my visa? I feel you, exactly my sentiments, those u.s. consuls are not too friendly, to saythe least…. What is the best way to convince the consul that she will return after vacation? I’m worried that I do have schedule for interview now but my renew passport is coming by 17th if this month . The flight ticket is not a requirement! thank u? (For visiting Relatives/ Friends) How long have they been living in the USA and what are their current status? I have heard that specific invitations can make things easier. -has she traveled outside of the philippines? We don’t know what to do now. Today, I’ve been to 5 countries already and will be going to Japan soon, and my salary’s increased too. Badges identify visitors at a glance, so everyone in the building can be aware of who’s there. How To Apply for a UK Health and Care Visa – Fastest Way To Get a Work Visa in the United Kingdom. logic – you only dated a few months and she wanted to visit your family in the US (the consul must have sensed something wrong here), Hi miss Kach! This is why we strongly suggest that you create an itinerary for your US trip. Hello! Are you going with your relatives or friends? If your visitor data were tracked more intentionally, what else might front office staff accomplish? hi ms.kach. My concern right now is that I’m a Freelancer (like what you mentioned on your blog – I can show my remittance, etc.) Expect to be bombarded with questions. Something akin to birdwatching? Q4.What didNutupishi and Moni mashi see when they opened their eyes the next morning? How did it go? IS IYOU THINK THEY CAN GRANT ME? Anyhow, wishing you Good luck! How much do they want on my account for them to approve it also? Anne Bakes a Cake Lucy Maud Montgomery (30 November 1874 – 24 April 1942), called ‘Maud’ by family and friends and publicly known as L M Montgomery, was a Canadian author best known for a series of novels beginning with Anne of Green Gables, published in 1908. Good Day, 6. I am worried on the interview and what should be the document I need to prepare first? This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Ask your travel insurance , and visitor insurance questions and get answers from licensed travel insurance experts. No exact address, he didn’t divulge on the details. im booked to go to the U S in june,my old passport with my valid visa has expired,i have a new pass port and have been advised that i can still travel to the U S so long as i take my expired passport with the valid visa in and my new passport to present to the american customs, Hi, i think the best way you can do is to reschedule your interview appointment. Screenshot Your Flowcode Program And Proteus Circuit. How can you possibly participate in a green card lottery (known as diversity visa) if you’re a Filipino, as Filipinos are barred for diversity visa since in its launch in 1995? I would like to know if I have a high chance in getting my US tourist visa approved since I am planning to visit my boyfriend this year. Maybe because they have a big debt to china.. Wake up.. How many visitors are from customers and how many are from suppliers? 6. UAE TCN means you’re a third country national! Or if you are an employee, check your leave credits and talk to your Human Resources representative on your allowed leaves. I really didn’t know why the consul did not approve me. Tinnku at Duliatal book. Know what they do for a living and get necessary supporting documents like bank statements, job certificate, tax details etc. How much do you think will it cost you to stay in the USA? I applied for the us visa on 2013, On that application I put my father’s childrens, they are from another mother, I got denied in 2013. Hello, my Filipina girlfriend and I read your blog and loved it. Thanks, please ma’am I want to know the posibility of me getting a visa While in my form I filled that I ll b self sponsoring my trip since I have around 10lakh in my account. Thank you. Because of his business at home can’t leave and he got 6yrs.old daughter.. he suggest to visit him and he sponsor for everything.. What kind of documents he need to send me. Visitors at Duliatal/Litrechar chapter/ICSE class- 4 - YouTube THANS, Need some more guidance what specific reasons I should highlight for tourist visa. lol. Godbless.. Do you have plans of working in the USA? Just make sure you know the basic information of the people you are going with. She is not currently working in India. If you need further help with your US Visa application, contact me here. if they have 700 applicants a day, they get 6million a day.. Big business in the Philippines! Hi Katch, i just want to ask, i have double jobs at the moment but the thing is there’s only one employer to put into the application form? We would both like her to come here for the intent of getting engaged, but want to see how it goes for a few months before and spend the summer traveling. COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER:Many of the articles on Two Monkeys Travel Group are guest posts by a number of Approved Contributors and are hosted by Two Monkeys Travel Group. Hi, am Edith from Uganda, Best of Luck :*. Ausable has the ability to think quickly, act calmly and wisely in a situation of danger and surprise. Ask Question Log in. Hence, a need for a longer time to stay in the US. 2. US tourist visa is known as B2 visitor visa. The problem is, I’ve never been to any other country before and the USA will be the first country that I’ll go to. The questions might be redundant but that’s how they will know if you are indeed telling the truth. My passport has no stamps at all. My girlfriend is an Indian national now living in India. Or does your outgo exceed your income? What is your Purpose going to US? Or, you can tell them that you don’t plan on ruining your travel records because you still plan to see more places in the future. I’m applying US tourist visa together with my 4 yo daughter without her father.. Can you give us tips and sample questions from consul? Super saya! I have applied for my permanent residency here in Canada and have recently added my wife to my currently processing application. Most of our colleagues here who also a Filipinos like us who applied US visa got their tourist visa with 10 years validity and no annotation of UAE TCN? A badge can also be useful to specify why someone is in the building. And if someone from the US will act as your ‘tour guide’, simply say that you need to adhere with their schedule as well.

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