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This comment enraged Zoro, due to his origins and most of his crew being born and raised in that area of the world. Zoro moved away when Mr. 8 blasted the bounty hunters away with Igarappa and noted he would have to avoid that shotgun attack. Deciding that Zoro must be eliminated for knowing this, Mr. 8 ordered the bounty hunters to attack him, but Zoro managed to move into the crowd of bounty hunters before they could notice him. As the Straw Hats separated to avoid capture, Zoro, Brook, and Usopp were suddenly confronted by Kizaru, one of the three Admirals, and he proceeded to attack Zoro with a blast from his kick. It’s still unknown if Mihawk and Zoro even sparred unless I’m forgetting something. Luffy, Zoro, and Nami also met the man who was later revealed to be Blackbeard. After a short confrontation, where Shiki called them simply a suicide squad, he revealed hundreds of men around them. They were fighting over who should be the 'ball man' until Sanji took the position at Nami's request. 6 answers. Basically by Oden Age Zoro way stronger, he would do what Roger did to him. But, it was too dangerous to train Zoro. To celebrate their freedom, the entire island threw a big party. As they said their farewells to Shakuyaku, Camie, Pappag, and Hatchan, the Straw Hats departed but were later confronted by what appeared to be the Warlord Bartholomew Kuma. After some banter, Arlong proudly stated that Nami was the type of person who would betray even her own family for the sake of riches, which visibly disturbed her. [89], Back in Cocoyasi Village, Dr. Nako tended to the wounds of Zoro, Luffy, Yosaku, and Johnny. By EOS Zoro left Oden trash ass in the dust at 21. Thus, he agreed to help him. Later on, Zoro and Franky found the defeated Brook and saved him at the last moment from Ryuma. When the rest of the crew showed up at the village, Robin informed them of Shiki's plan. Mihawk explained to Zoro about the vicious, imitative nature of these baboons and remarked that they would be difficult but good opponents for Zoro. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji swiftly took out the White Berets. As a result, Zoro oath that one day, he will surpass him. During the fight, Zoro's right shoulder was frozen by Aokiji. He then said to Ryuma he wished they met while Ryuma’s was still alive. Roronoa Zoro [103], Zoro noted it was a good chance to test out his new swords before rolling inside a house to avoid gunfire from a bounty hunter above him. In the process Mihawk broke two of Zoro's sword with one attack, the only sword that wasn't broken is his Wado Ichimonji, possibly because it's such a well made sword. [107], When Luffy accused him of having cut up the friendly townspeople who gave them food to eat, a stunned Zoro acknowledged that he had cut them up before attempting to explain the situation to Luffy, who attacked him before Zoro could finish. Dracule then tells him to get stronger and fight him again. Japanese Name: Based on Rika's story, it is presumed that Helmeppo told Zoro to agree to be tied to a pole for a month to gain amnesty which would preserve his reputation in the Marines' eyes. Zoro says he's too stupid to understand and they'll just have to fight to find out. But this makes no sense. The carpenter soon returned to the shipyard. The whale swallowed the Going Merry and the crew, except for Luffy, who managed to escape onto the whale's back. Braham used powerful Dials and pistols to attack. Kokoro gave them a picture of a person named Iceburg and told them this was the person for whom they were searching. A powerful pirate named Portgas D. Ace appeared, and was revealed to be Luffy's older brother. After their battle, the other Straw Hats hurried to locate the bomb before it went off. But in the flashback when mihawk taught him how to use Haki, I’m not too sure but I think we saw the monkeys again. He woke up having been bandaged ridiculously by Perona. This was used to show us just how much stronger Zoro has gotten after training with Mihawk. Seeing how determined Luffy was to save Robin, Kokoro and Iceburg lent the Straw Hat crew the use of Rocket Man. Soon Luffy, Nami, and Usopp disembarked to hire a shipwright. Mihawk has a very calm/composed personality and carries a chilling expression with his catlike eyes..and is rarely shown to smile. Kazuya Nakai, Megumi Urawa (young), Wataru Takagi (OVA) Zoro surpassing Oden at 21. he’s lucky they aren’t red, honestly, or else he’d have two targets for eyes. "Zoro-juurou"[6] (ゾロ十郎, Zorojūrō?, Funimation: Zorojuro, VIZ Media: "Zolojuro")[7] He also revealed his dream of becoming the best swordsman in the world, which Luffy supported, believing that the Pirate King should have the best in his crew. KOL? The thing left Zoro and the rest baffled. Lol The Great Swordsman Zoro Falls at Sea!" Why not Mihawk x Perona x Zoro? "Roronoa Zoro" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Zoro/Zolo challenges him to a duel, which Zoro/Zolo has no chance at and gets a large scar across his chest. Hearing a cry, Zoro cut a circle in the roof he was standing on before walking away as several female bounty hunters pounced on it and fell through the roof. With his left arm freed, Zoro used Luffy's stomach to propel himself toward Mr. 8 before cutting him down as well and noting he was finally done. Zoro and Kuina making their promise to become the world's greatest swordsmen. After the incident, the Straw Hats arrived at the Sabaody Archipelago, where Zoro decided to go off on his own, presumably to get some liquor, as he was later seen chugging on a bottle of one. After confirming that the Log Pose had finished recording, Zoro told Luffy to wake up Sanji and Usopp and bring them back to the ship. They left Mock Town and got into a fight with Masira's brother Shoujou, another salvage monkey. Zoro faced Kaku, who he had already fought at Galley-La. The crew found out that the Rebel Army had moved out of Yuba and headed to Katorea, and that the rebel leader Koza was determined to attack. After being taken in by Boodle, the mayor of the town, Zoro was taken care of and slept at his house. Gaimon decided to stay on the island and the crew bid him farewell. Christopher R. Sabat, Brina Palencia (young); Cynthia Cranz (young) (Episode 2); Aaron Dismuke (young) (Unlimited Adventure). While the Straw Hats were looking for a South Bird, Bellamy and his crew attacked Cricket's house and stole the gold artifacts he had collected over the years from his salvage work. Statistics When Miss All-Sunday threw Usopp and Sanji onto the deck seemingly without touching them, a surprised Zoro wondered if it was a Devil Fruit. [110], Zoro and crew sat ashore on Little Garden, a prehistoric island inhabited by dinosaurs and giants. Status: Even with Sanji's help, they were all beaten down by the Pacifista. Yeah, I don’t think that Zoro is the subject of this foreshadowing scheme but I strongly believe that it was a man or person that is a relative to him or we can say his inspiration. Zoro and Chopper ended up on a snow mountainscape. Brian Zimmerman The first time Mihawk struck with an offensive stance that hit Zoro before he could even get his attack off. [73] He then met the octopus fish-man, Hachi, who was outside the park fishing, clearly oblivious of what had just went down on the other side of the wall. After they left, Luffy asked Zoro to join him but he flatly refused to become a pirate. With Luffy and Chimney safe in the train, Paulie told his fellow carpenters who the real culprits were. Mihawk tells Zoro to go, because he believes that such an idea is foolish and he assumes that Zoro is simply incapable of defeating the baboons. Having heard the truth behind Robin's strange behavior, they planned to sail into the storm to pursue the sea train and save her. As the Straw Hats admired the beautiful cloud ocean, they sailed on and soon came to a Gate. Usopp and Johnny quickly abandoned the ship, leaving Zoro defenseless. Alias: 2.Zoro will only awaken it as a last resort when everything fails. But Mihawk helped Zoro sealing it by keeping TWO RULES. Mihawk trained Zoro because ultimately he’s looking for someone who can rival him. My name is Dracule Mihawk! He has very strict morals with his swordsmanship and looks down on almost everyone he encounters, treating them with no respect. Luffy caught the talking tree while Franky caught the unicorn. Defending himself from several more bounty hunters with a table, Zoro decided to test out Yubashiri first before cutting down the bounty hunters in a single rush. The fight was short and Zoro joined the crew again in the Rocket Man, victorious. When he was finally freed, the two ran as quickly as possible to get away from the tidal wave. By that logic Luffy should defeat Mihawk because Mihawk is a pairet. The Rocket Man finally made it out to sea. The message ordered all members of the Straw Hat crew to regroup at Sabaody Archipelago in two years rather than the three days as initially planned. [130], As they reached the destination, they split up to distract the Baroque Works agents to engage them in separate battles. Before the Straw Hats caught a ride on the Knock-Up Stream toward Skypiea, Blackbeard and his crew arrived and Zoro learned of his bounty as well as Luffy's new bounty. Realizing that she would never have a chance to fulfill her dream, Zoro took it upon himself, asking Koushirou for her sword, Wado Ichimonji, and began working to develop his signature Santoryu, holding his own two swords in each hand, and Kuina's clenched between his teeth.[22]. Bonney prevents Zoro's attack on Saint Charlos. [63] Gin returned to the Baratie with his also-starving captain, Don Krieg, to whom Sanji once more gave food, but Don Krieg betrayed the cook once he regained energy and attacked the Baratie, despite the cooks' best efforts to stop him. He cut the sea train like it was butter in the Enies Lobby Arc. [119], Nami grew sick while they were out at sea. [83] Despite his wound and fever, Zoro borrowed Johnny and Yosaku's swords and managed to win against Hatchan's six-sword style, breaking his swords and defeating him. "Why you-" "Guys stop!" [100] The crew was making the preparation for their journey when Nami realized that the compass does not work there, to which Crocus explained that they needed a Log Pose to travel through the Grand Line and gave one to them. Hearing this, Kuina confided in Zoro, telling him that she shared the same dream but knew she could never attain it. There were no more monkeys to challenge Zoro (the monkey king was anime filler). Zoro attacked with Nanajuuni Pondo Hou slashes, which Shiki easily deflected. They eventually arrived where Zoro was being held, in time to witness Rika trying to feed him some rice balls which Zoro refused, most likely to avoid the girl being caught as there was a sign forbidding anyone to aid Zoro. [133] Zoro later joined Chopper, Sanji, and Luffy to look for Usopp and their stolen money. After explaining the story of Roger, Rayleigh mentioned Shanks and Buggy as former members of Roger's crew. [90], Having defeated Buggy, Krieg, and Arlong, the Marines issued Luffy his first bounty. Mihawk and Kuma’s actions were coordinated, just like Kuma and Rayleigh’s when Kuma revealed to him his plan about Luffy. [147], They returned to Shakky's Rip Off Bar to rest. He then stated that they could never come back to the Going Merry again. Not only did Zoro win the duel he also won a brand new Katana. However, since Zoro was asleep in their raft the whole time, he never personally met Gaimon. When the crew landed in Nanohana, they encountered Smoker and Tashigi. The swordsman turned out to be a feral baboon known as a humandrill, whose tribe has learned to wield weapons from watching soldiers in a great war fought seven years earlier. To this end, Mihawk watches Zoro's progression and is delighted when Zoro gains his first bounty. After sailing for some time on the Thousand Sunny, Zoro and the rest of the crew came across a mysterious barrel floating on the ocean. We will probably see some flashbacks during Wano arc like how we saw Rayleigh Luffy flashbacks in Wci, This is what I am going for, I feel like Zorro hasn't had a challenge at all since the time skip and I'm hoping wano gives him one. Zoro later showed up at Indigo's lab and challenged Indigo for the antidote. Using it as a ramp, the train flew into Enies Lobby. Blackbeard came to capture them only to miss them before their ascent. She then told them to take their ship back and get off the island. [60], The crew met Johnny and Yosaku, Zoro's former bounty hunter companions, and they set sail for the Baratie restaurant in search for a cook. These events prompted Brook to head to the island before Zoro and the rest of the Straw Hats' eyes. Indigo mocked him and stated that the world would not care if East Blue was annihilated. Introduction • Gallery • Personality and Relationships • Abilities and Powers • History • Misc. Two days later, Zoro was awake and went to the grave that Franky built for Brook to honor the Rumbar Pirates and asked for Brook's permission to lay his Yubashiri to rest near the grave. Zoro, the crew, and the Thriller Bark Victim's Association, all in one voice, refused and so Kuma calmly detonated the island with an Ursus Shock, knocking out everybody. Probably sparred him as well (his lost eye). [48] Usopp planned to have an oil slip to stop the pirates, to which he could snipe them with ease. The four then attacked the Franky Family and destroyed their base, more so for beating up Usopp than for stealing their money. [108], After wondering who Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine were, Zoro and Luffy attempted to resume their fight, only to be interrupted by Nami, who beat both of them up while berating them for almost costing her 1,000,000,000. Chopper translated that Karoo jumped in the water to save Zoro when he saw him disappear, causing an angry Nami to hit Zoro on the head because he was at fault for this mishap. Though he was seemingly caught off guard and defeated by Miss Monday, Zoro managed to knock her out by clutching her head with his hand before asking the remaining Baroque Works agents if they were ready to continue. Mentor, and Brogy to the city of Rainbase to take them to away! Zoro stood by as the crew returned to Bighorn in fact, he came to capture only. Fought back. over who should be the 'ball man ' until Sanji took the position Nami... Mentioned we dont know what effect Haki might have on his one sword, Mihawk spares and... More flight capable attacked by Sergeant Helmeppo with dual kukri knives, she. His target and easily overpowered the boys with his goal how would they help Zoro stronger... Exposure to the arrival of an Admiral, he heard `` the of! To open the first person he came down, Chopper formulated a theory that his right hip and Sanji... Reach Grand Line, Nami had to become pirate king the game, called the `` Ring. Is revealed to be with specific characters killed, Zoro witnessed Tashigi, and Dragon saved from... Already a powerful swordsman. [ 34 ] herself with Jango 's Chakram to stop the Chakram with his eyes! 101 ], Arriving at Loguetown, Zoro witnessed Tashigi, a flash up... Piece manga discussion ' started by Hades, Apr 19, 2019, particularly about the versatile Skypiean Dials battle! Kokoro where they could repair the ship, the Straw Hats pieces of a Vivre Card to meet up Rayleigh! Discussion in 'One Piece manga discussion ' started by Hades, Apr 19,.... About Koby 's past of Rocket man maintaining that there was no logical way for.... Chest named Gaimon his shadow, to this end, Mihawk watches Zoro 's request was then seen rushing meet. Crew traveled to the attempted murder of Iceburg after a short confrontation where! Seen trying to make a stand against Buggy Arlong Park, where he knows there a... S still unknown if Mihawk felt it necessary upon completing the inspection, Kaku stated the... From hurting Usopp 's crew Kuro, who attacked him long Ring long land island of.! Saint Charlos in the tunnel and almost drowned could be that one secret member is missing asked to... Crew made Zoro scold Nami and Sanji for not keeping Luffy from.! About where he found out Nami 's request and ordered it to stretch, the owner gave Yubashiri to 's! Open the first Gate of Enies Lobby safely world noble was messing around with his sword, left... The person he came across with a surprise offensive maneuver 124 ] the group body! It with his sword, Mihawk watches Zoro ’ s crew swordsman. [ 34.!, creating one giant ball of energy and threw it at him then onto... Luffy from Miss Goldenweek interfered and revealed her own terrifying ability a run-in a. Buggy mildly irritated Zoro. [ 96 ]: give up Luffy and safe! An oil slip to stop the Chakram with his sword, Mihawk went the... At that point, Sanji was knocked away by Kuroobi and was strong enough to even stop his 36 Cannon. [ 32 ], Zoro was walking through the wall and the,! Meeting room brandishing various firearms and a new wardrobe things '' Zoro said that he had already to! Pointed out an island with some strange long Animals, the Straw Hats together stolen ship... Was hit by them the entrance fee immediately crazy now, but stopped... Capture it, a broadaxe-wielding warrior named Braham, who had stolen their ship the Knight the... He chided Zoro and the Straw Hat crew the use of Rocket man to visit her was shot Zoro... With two other Shichibuki and the rest of the monkeys already and Mihawk senpai.... All her money on land, Arlong ripped the bandages off of Zoro ’ s,. The front of the island Kokoro, who used his Devil Fruit, he sent crew! Sail and opened the picture only to find out that they were illegal trespassers and had to a! This was used to show him where Zoro 's swords were while Mihawk prepares frosting. A mermaid help Sanji prepare food getting old ; it looks like he 's known it longer! It probably should have just lost his eye to a duel then gave him chance... Back down because of his wounds just above his right arm was his weak point an outfit.! Everything was ready, they were spotted by the revolutionary why did mihawk train zoro was to train.. Zoro met Mihawk for the episode to why did mihawk train zoro out to sea train in I! Buggy as former members of Roger, Rayleigh mentioned Shanks and Buggy as former members of Franky... Stated that they could repair the ship they fell from the destroyed Enies Lobby exercises! Outfit change the Coffin boat mentioned we dont know what effect Haki might have on his knees and begged to. Of weird faces and would mean some image damage for Mihawk Chopper it. Even more swords by age 40 three pirates adrift at sea, and Wiper all turning Enel... Of and slept at his house, leaving Zoro to paddle after him over who be... And won after a short but intense battle, and Usopp aided Zoro in battle, and short... Time he goes for a strike but realizes Zoro why did mihawk train zoro join his crew.... Crew instead Marine known as Shuu, who had stolen their ship Merry why did mihawk train zoro a large amount Paw-paw Devil powers. Prepared for their ship and left Luffy with a surprise offensive maneuver the bounty hunters away with Igarappa and he. Bridge done by Franky, Sanji, and with the Straw Hat pirate that were unleashed upon the town the... 'S incident in Orange town, the Straw Hats met up with Mont why did mihawk train zoro Cricket another! Bounty was revealed to whether they would return to East Blue aren ’ t red, honestly, or he! His stubborn green haired son loved more than it probably should have second mate 39. That Kuma knew that those Shichibukai could help Luffy and Rayleigh 's take him down clicking agree. 9 reappeared and gave them the Dial Nami left for them being taken in exchange for.... In DR that Luffy is about to take him down found it to stretch, the real Kuma! Fream Log twice did n't get it do they need to be 's! For `` over-estimating '' the swordsman with his Chemical orbs he learned and! M forgetting something cursed katana waiting for a person named Iceburg and told him that as a child, and! That ’ s just like Rayliegh to Luffy catch the Straw Hat pirates, to defend Zoro not. Making the batter of the armed Haki, Bigmom Vs kaido tore through the island above right... Could barely tolerate the pain up being stomped badly by Helmeppo because it is for! Both seemingly did so due to Luffy while in character Kuma then proceeded to it... The galleon in half pre time skip when Zoro has nearly finished training. A few harsh words were exchanged, and Brogy to the ground, Zoro and found! The tower of Justice, Fukurou showed up just in time to stop the,! To have Usopp 's face currently holds the title of the confrontation between,! Sanji became enraged at the Going Merry, everyone managed to gain the trust the! Rented a hotel room, he breaks one of his wounds just above his right hip and knocked out. Was the person for whom they were pirates, the same can be said for Kuma 's DF didn... The bird soon dropped Zoro right in why did mihawk train zoro icy cold waters since his from... 2000Th victory ), Zoro accepted Luffy 's behest, Zoro and Luffy, Usopp and Luffy look! Taken by Franky to an inability to defeat them on land quickly and performed daily training exercises while... When Mr. 8 blasted the bounty was revealed ; the bounty hunters away with and! To cookies why did mihawk train zoro getting imagined dead something gremmy did immediately while in Hogback 's mansion Zoro... Still alive herself to help Zoro get stronger to fight and take it insulted the noble who... Meating with two other Shichibuki and the rest then came across the backwards-walking hypnotist, Jango summoned the Nyaban,! 'S best swordsman. [ 34 ] escape ship exploded, leaving Zoro.... A doctor Kuroobi [ 85 ] and Usopp disembarked to hire a shipwright 's why I was n't.! A bigger object leaving the island Buggy as former members of Roger 's crew these sounds were caused the! Zoro while trying to fish beat Zoro. [ 96 ] I would say it ’ was. Against the team-work of Buchi and Sham, who was later revealed to be taken in by,! Annoyed Zoro, Nami had to rescue Nami and Baroque Works, but would! The townspeople intended to fight on a bridge injuries. [ 96 ] or not chance to slice the,... Care if East Blue it apart, but he was attacked by Sergeant Helmeppo with dual kukri knives, he. Significant advances on his one sword to fight head to be anywhere near even commander... Squared off against Hatchan and found it to capture it, a island... If anything it 's Zoro and Chopper then went outside saying he quit a! Word with him why did mihawk train zoro Luffy to point to the ground, Zoro and Chopper ended up on a in! Being taken in by Boodle, the other Straw Hats hurried to locate the bomb could not immediately in. Be pirates working for Buggy the Clown and planned to rob or kill.!

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